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straight transfer : See transfer.

transfer : (1) The same as regroup. The process of copying audio and/or video from one medium to another, possibly combining audio and video or audio and audio (such as from a sampler and sequencer to multitrack tape). For example, the final audio mix for a film is transferred (typically these days) from a digital workstation’s hard disk and written to the audio tracks on the print master, which is then copied for distribution. Implicit in the term transfer is a change of medium. Transfer from one like device to another, such as cassette duplication, is called copying or dubbing. (2) The magnetic film itself that results from this copying process. A straight transfer is made without any equalization or compression of the audio signal as it goes from the source to the magnetic film.

transfer channel : See channel.

transfer characteristic: The null

transfer curve : See X-curve, transfer characteristic.

transfer suite : A facility where film location sound recordings are transferred to sprocketed magnetic tape. The soundtrack and the film can then be mechanically synchronized. See Telecine.

Direct Stream Transfer™ : Philips’ proprietary technology for lossless 2:1 data reduction in digital recordings on SACD. DST is optimized for audio-type signals, allowing sufficient storage capacity for double the old CD standard of 74 stereo minutes. By incorporating DST into the SACD standard, it is possible to store two complete 74-minute versions of audio material so as to combine a stereo DSD track, and a 6-channel surround mix, plus other data, text, graphics, and video, all on the single, high-density DASD layer.

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