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control voltage : A voltage, usually varying, used in synthesizers to control various parameters of the signal being produced. Control voltages are used for envelope control, pitch control, and filter bandpass and rolloff frequency control, etc. Suitable control voltages can be generated in various ways, one of the most straightforward of which is by a standard keyboard. See VCA, VCF, VCO.

keyboard control voltage : The control voltage parameter that tells the signal-generating circuit exactly which key has been depressed.

polarizing voltage : The DC voltage supplied in opposite polarities to the plate and diaphragm of a condenser microphone (via phantom power) or electrostatic loudspeaker.

open-circuit voltage rating : The output voltage of a microphone with no load, i.e., with infinite resistance such as in an open circuit, or when driving a resistive load at least twenty times the microphone’s internal impedance. One of the standard specifications of microphones.

voltage : The difference in the electrical potential of two points in a circuit.

voltage-controlled amplifier : See VCA.

voltage controlled attenuator : An amplifier or resistive network whose gain is unity gain at maximum, and whose attenuation of an audio signal varies in proportion to an externally supplied DC voltage.

voltage-controlled filter : See VCF.

voltage-controlled oscillator : See VCO.

voltage gain : See gain.

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