DigitalDolby Theater Systems (DTS)

5.1-format theater surround-sound system which uses six A six-channel discrete analog channels and for surround-sound on a CD-ROM interlocked to either a 35mm or a 70mm print with timecode. Lossless. The DTS codec provides for data rates from 256kbps to 1536kbps, focusing on 1141kbps as the optimum for transparent sound quality. DTS was originally developed for the film industry, however, there are a number of CD titles currently released in DTS format. A DTS CD carries six channels of digital audio in 5.1 format in 20-bit words at a 44.1kHz sample rate, with a compression ratio of about 3:1. An additional decoder is needed to play a DTS CD on a standard CD player. First used in 1993 for the film, “Jurassic Park.” See also Dolby Digital Surround SoundDolby Stereo.

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