Dubbing theater

 Also called a dub stage. A special studio where music is blended with dialog and sound effects for the final soundtracksound track. A dubbing theater is actually a small movie theater, with a large screen and full theater surround system. A row of seats is removed from the middle of the theater and a large mixing console specially designed for film sound is put in place. There is also a machine room which houses dubbers and projectors, isolating the noise from the recording studio in which the DME stems can be recorded in sync with film projected on a screen visible through a window. The screen hangs in a theater equipped with the mixing console which controls the sounds played back by all the dubbers, other prerecorded sources, and the sounds being recorded in the studio. The theater itself is designed to approximate the acoustics of a public cinema. Also called mixing studiore-recording studiore-recording stage, or theater.

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