Rolloff frequency

 The frequency above or below which a filter begins to filter out the harmonics of the waveform. As the rolloff frequency is raised or lowered, more of the harmonics of the sound will be filtered out. Specifically, the frequency at which the response of an equalizer or other audio device is reduced by 3dB,. This is also sometimes called the half-power point and can refer to both lowpass and highpass response curves. The rolloff frequencies of an amplifier are the frequencies where the output voltage drops to 0.707 of the middle range output. A decrease of the voltage by a factor of 0.707 is equivalent to -3dB, so these critical frequencies are often referred to as the 3dB down points. Also called cutoff frequencycritical frequency, or the half-power point. Moving the rolloff frequency in real-time will produce a wow effect, which can be accentuated by increasing the filter resonance level.

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