Super 35

A widescreen film format that makes use of the full width of the 35mm film frame, including the area normally occupied by the optical soundtrack. Therefore, there can never be any 35mm EK neg prints made from a Super 35 negative, requiring an interpositive from the full-aperture original negative to be enlarged to an anamorphic internegative, where the resulting aspect ratio is 2.4:1.

Super Clock : Digidesign’s proprietary version of word clock, used as a master clock for all Digidesign interfaces. Super Clock runs at 256 times the sample rate; word clock runs at the sample rate.

Super-Bit Mapping™ (Dire : A type of dithering method forof encoding DSD-format audio information for playback on standard (16-bit) CDs. Developed by Sony, the new version of SBM, SBM Direct accepts a DSD input signal (16-bit PCM) and produce an output encoding with a (claimed) 20-bit resolution through a one-pass noise-shaping/decimating process which uses a very complex FIR reconstruction filter. SBM Direct is being developed by Sony in an effort to make their SACD format successful against DVD-A, as SACD players will offer playback of conventionally recorded CDs with enhanced audio quality. See also HDCD.

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