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Now looking at definitions starting with letter "y"

Y- connector : A Y-connector, also called a Y-cord, consists of two short audio-type cables with the same type of connector at one end, the other ends of both cables being joined to a single connector of the same type, but of different gender. Used to create split feeds, where the same signal is sent to two different places. Sometimes a Y-connector is used to short two channels of a stereo signal together as a sort of mixer, to make a mono signal. This can be problematic in low-impedance circuits because each half of the y-connector loads the other one, necessitating a series resistor in each signal path.

Yellow Book : See Red Book, CD.

yes : When used to indicate agreement to a verbal contract, potentially the most dangerous word in any language. Use wisely and sparingly. See no.

Yy-cord : See Y-connector.

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